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What To Expect At Your First Appointment

You might not be quite sure what to expect from your first treatment with an osteopath. The following will hopefully answer some of your questions, but feel free to contact the clinic prior to attending your appointment if you have any further concerns.

Your Consultation

At first, your osteopath will ask you to tell them about your problem and symptoms. They will also ask about your medical history including family medical history as well as lifestyle. This is essential to the consultation in order to help diagnose and suggest appropriate treatment. They will write down your answers in your records and this information will be kept confidential in compliance with GDPR 2018.

Your osteopath will need to examine the area(s) causing you concern as well as other areas to the pain, (e.g. a leg length difference may be causing pain in the upper back region) so they may need to examine the whole body. They will feel for stiffness in the joints and tightness in the muscles. If you are uncomfortable with any part of this, you can ask the osteopath to stop. This will not prejudice further treatments.


Your Treatment

A diagnosis will be discussed and possibly exercises given along with health advice. Treatment will begin during your first appointment, but sometimes further tests are required i.e. blood tests or scans. On occasion diagnosis of an illness may need to be referred to your GP or another appropriate health professional.

Osteopathy is a gentle treatment and osteopaths work hard to make the treatment as painless as possible, but you could feel some discomfort. Please inform your osteopath if you wish them to stop. Following treatment you may feel sore, this will normally calm down within 48hrs. If you have any concerns after treatment please contact your osteopath for advice.

What To Wear

It may be necessary for the osteopath to ask you to remove or adjust some clothing in order to see and touch the areas causing you concern. If you are uncomfortable undressing to your underwear, the osteopath may suggest shorts and a t shirt that will help them to work effectively without you feeling uncomfortable. If you wish, you may also bring a chaperone into the treatment room.