I had a serious shoulder injury and could see no light at the end of a very dark tunnel, until I heard about Richard at Northowram.
Now after every treatment the light gets brighter at the end of the tunnel.

David from Shelf

I am so happy to have this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the Spinal Sanctuary. Until recently I have never suffered with aches and pains but have certainly made up for it during November and December.

I visited the clinic not knowing what to expect, nursing an extremely painful shoulder and neck. The welcome from Jossy in reception was warm, friendly and reassuring. I was then introduced to her husband, Richard who is the Osteopath.

Prior to my treatment, I could hardly use my shoulder and the pain was worse than toothache! After three visits, I am pain-free and extremely grateful.

Highly recommendable.

(Also, prior to my first visit, I spoke to my doctor who had attended one of Richard's introductory talks and he too mentioned that Richard certainly knew his stuff!!!

Moya from Northowram

Richard is a fantastic osteopath with an excellent understanding for the human anatomy. For several years I’ve had treatment from numerous therapists and Richard has to be the best. After my knee surgery I’ve developed ongoing issues with my lower back and sacroiliac joint, which continues to cause impingement and soreness. Thanks to Richard’s intervention and advice, I am able to keep major issues as bay, keep active in the gym, but more importantly have an active life with my son. This is absolutely massive for me and I can’t thank and recommend him enough.


Adrian from Northowram

I have been hunting for an excellent osteopath since moving to the county, best part of 10 years ago. Having tried various osteopaths around the Leeds area, including Wetherby, Cross gates, Chapel Allerton etc I was recommended Richard via a friend also suffering with back issues. Upon arriving for my first appointment, Jossy at reception was warm and welcoming. After the compulsory health forms, Richard started treatment. I felt that Richard really listened and acted upon my specific back issues as well as explaining why other parts of me may ache/feel sore post treatment. I left with a much better understanding of my issues, as well as how to ease the pain/issues at home, a vital part of the treatment. Unlike many of the osteopaths I've seen, Richard is very hands on, working areas as well as using manipulation where appropriate. Post initial treatment, I was so impressed. I felt, for the first time in a long time that my back issues had been majorly eased. Richard advised me to come to see him again, if possible, so he could tackle issues which couldn't be dealt with initially due to bigger problems. (Just a quick note here, neither Jossy nor Richard were pushy for me to come back. The 'treatment ball,' was very much left in my court, regarding return visits there was no hard sell, just honest caring individuals, something in short supply nowadays.) As it happens, I did book in again and I've not looked back since... excuse the pun. I can't recommend this clinic enough. A family business, caring and lovely people who are excellent at what they do. If you have back problems don't waste your time hunting for other osteopaths, use The Spinal Sanctuary - I really can't recommend here enough.

Ben from Leeds

After experiencing ongoing problems with my knee, which were getting agonisingly worse every week and seeing the advert for The Spinal Sanctuary in the Grapevine magazine, I telephoned The Spinal Sanctuary and made an appointment to see Richard.


At my initial consultation Richard went through my medical history and explained that although it was my knee which I had gone about, the problem could be caused by some other factor.  


Richard's friendly and professional manner put me at ease immediately and after my consultation and treatment, I was given an appointment for the following week as well as some advice on how to deal with my problem at home.


A week later I could not believe the difference!  My pain had reduced considerably and I found I could move my knee a lot better.


I would definitely recommend The Spinal Sanctuary. From the moment you walk in you are greeted by a sense of calmness and also a friendly welcome from both Richard and Jossy.


Once the problem with my knee has been sorted I will definitely be attending on a regular basis, to make sure I do not experience that kind of pain again.


Thanks again Richard.

Jayne from Shelf

I first went to see Richard at The Spinal Sanctuary because I had an ache in my right shoulder and down my right arm which was causing me stress.

After the first session I could feel the difference, I could tell that he has had many years experience as an Osteopath.

I am now on my fourth session and the difference it has made to my whole posture is remarkable.

Richard made me feel extremely relaxed in a warm and comfortable environment. 

I would certainly recommend The Spinal Sanctuary to anyone with back problems.

The free parking outside is ideal too.

Julie from Shelf

Problem: Lower back pain, middle back and neck.

Friendly, professional service. After an initial assessment I felt very comfortable with the therapy which followed. Explanations were given throughout my consultation and therapies. I felt at ease with Richard who has a great wealth of experience and knowledge on which he draws upon.

Results: Initial pain gone...Wow!! Increased mobility, strength and vitality.I do expect to continue my treatments on a periodic basis as I have quite a physical profession and energetic hobby. 

Oh...and don't forget - A great nights sleep! ZZzzz.

I would have no hesitation in recommending The Spinal Sanctuary to anyone in need of their services.

Paul from Northowram


So where do I begin? When I first approached The Spinal Sanctuary I was very sceptical, I was in so much pain that I could barely walk, bend or stretch or cope with anyone touching my back and had been like this for several weeks. 

Richards initial assessment took 45 minutes and then he began work on my back.

I was amazed how freely I could move my body once we had finished. 

I had 3 to 4 appointments close together and now I have maintenance appointments to keep on top, but overall my back is 98% better than it was when I first walked in!! 

Massive massive thank yous!!!

Katie from Huddersfield